Access to your meter

In order for us to bill you correctly for the electricity you’ve used, you’ll need to provide access to read your meter.

How you can help

You can help us by:

  • Keeping dogs away from the meter
  • Using an authorised lock to secure your gate or other property access point
  • Moving your meter box if it cannot be accessed

Keeping dogs away from the meter

Meter readers cannot take risks when it comes to safety.

If you have a dog at your premises, please consider ways to restrain it or keep it away from the meter, or talk to a licensed electrical contractor about relocating your meter box.

To give us details about your dog, you can quickly and instantly update your dog details online via My Account. Alternatively you can update your account details online or call us on 13 10 46 from 7am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Using an authorised lock

Keep your property secure while still providing access by your meter reader.

Queensland Locksmiths have a comprehensive range of locks, from simple padlocks to complete handle-lock systems to secure your gates, buildings or meter box, that still allow access to your electricity meter.

Customers receiving the Queensland Government Electricity Rebate are now also eligible to receive a 10% discount off the purchase price of these locks.

Visit the Queensland Locksmiths website or call them toll free on 1300 323 301.

Moving your meter box

If you're making alterations to your property, please remember to allow for access to your meter. If your meter box cannot be accessed, you may need to talk to a licensed electrical contractor about relocating it.

When your meter will be read next

We let you know the approximate date of your next meter read is on the front of your latest electricity bill. You can also contact us for details if you’re not sure.

The actual date that you meter is read will vary due to weather, scheduling changes or other unforeseen events.

Please allow one or two days either side of the scheduled date.

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