We're 100% transparent

With some retailers, what you see, is not always what you get. At Ergon Energy Retail, we’re 100% transparent, and what you see is what you get.

We have no sneaky fees or introductory offers that may leave you worse off in the long run. Just the same rate for all our customers, everywhere, so you won’t get caught out. And add to that our positive customer feedback that’s ahead of all other major energy retailers.

We’re committed to being transparent with you for one very strong reason, we’re Queensland owned. It’s your energy.

We welcome competition

Competition is healthy and we welcome it in our market. But if you're thinking of switching to another electricity retailer, just make sure you look a little deeper into offers that could leave you worse off in the long run. Don’t get caught out with rates that go up after an introductory period.

Fees can add up over time

Make sure you add up credit card fees, paper bill fees, late payment fees and any other fees. Because you can keep getting hit with these again and again.

Top 10 checklist

Here’s our top 10 list of things to look out for if you’re thinking of switching to another retailer:

  1. Long-term savings If you get a one-off gift card, will you save in the long run?
  2. No introductory pricing Is the pricing just an introductory offer that expires after a period?
  3. The same rate for all Does everyone get the same rate, everywhere, regardless of when you sign up?
  4. No sneaky fees Are there any sneaky fees that could add up over time like credit card, paper bill and late payment fees?
  5. Queensland owned Are they Queensland owned, so you know your money is going back into Queensland?
  6. Queensland call centre Is their call centre Queensland based, so they get you?
  7. Supporting local employment Do they employ local Queenslanders and help the local economy?
  8. Supporting the community Do they support local Queensland community groups and charities?
  9. No lock-in contracts Can you leave and go to another retailer whenever you want, if you aren’t happy?
  10. Longevity Will they be here in the long run, or are they a risky start-up business?