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Most customers in regional and rural Queensland are on a standard retail contract, paying regulated retail electricity tariffs, set by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA).

Below is an overview of the different types of business tariffs:

General supply tariffs

On a general supply tariff, you pay for the electricity you use at a flat rate throughout the day and night, plus a daily supply charge. They are our most common business tariffs and suitable for many customers who use most of their electricity during the daytime.

Find out more about general supply tariffs for small business and large business.

Time of use tariffs

Time of use tariffs provide a constant supply of electricity, but at different rates depending on when you use it, plus a daily supply charge.  Pricing for some tariffs applies year round, while for others it's applied seasonally.

Find out more about time of use tariffs for small business and large business.

Economy tariffs

These tariffs are great for running appliances like hot water systems that don't need a constant supply of power.

Find out more about economy tariffs for small business.

Demand tariffs

On a demand tariff, you're charged for the total amount of electricity you use plus a demand charge and a daily supply charge. The demand charge is based on measuring the maximum amount of electricity you use at any point during your billing period.

When you choose a demand tariff, your whole business must be connected to that tariff.

Find out more about demand tariffs for small business and large business.

Supply charges

Supply charges cover the costs of supplying and maintaining your electricity service, including costs for poles and wires, billing and administration.

More information about how tariff prices are set, including supply charges, can be found on the Queensland Competition Authority website and the Australian Energy Regulator's Energy Made Easy website.

Changing your tariff

If you're considering a tariff change, please call us on 1300 135 210.

There may be additional costs associated with changing your tariffs that will vary depending on your individual circumstances. We can let you know more when you contact us to request a tariff change.