We’re serious about your security

Unfortunately, there’s no way to eliminate scammers from sending you emails. We believe it’s important to be alert to the signs and stay up to date on any potential scams.

Suspicious emails include scams, fake alerts, phishing and hoax emails. Typically, they claim that you owe money on your account to get you to make a payment by clicking a fake link and are sent from an email address that slightly differs to the one sent by us.

We will only send you e-bills from the email addresses enquiry@support.ergonretail.com.au

If it’s not from this email address or if you’re in doubt, don’t open the link in the email – instead head to My Account to view your bill online.

Follow our social media channels to get the latest updates on suspicious emails or calls. Remember, we will never email you to ask for your personal banking or financial details. We prefer you do this securely via phone or by using your My Account login.

How to identify a legitimate or a hoax email

All legitimate Ergon Energy Retail electricity e-bills will:

  • Come from the sender addresses enquiry@support.ergonretail.com.au
  • Any deviation on this address may likely be a hoax email
  • Have a subject line that states "Your e-bill from Ergon Energy Retail"
  • Include your account information - account name and number, premises address and billing period in the email body. If it does not contain these details, it may be a hoax email
  • We will also provide you a PDF version of your bill or notice with the email.

Example of a legitimate email

Example Ebill

A phishing email or hoax email is similar in design but lacks the finer details that you would see in a legitimate version.

The differences, although subtle, should help you to identify the real e-bill from the fake. Below is an example of a phishing email. Can you spot the differences?

  • Sender information: enquiry@support.ergonqldretail.com.au instead of enquiry@support.ergonretail.com.au
  • Subject: Your Ergon Energy Bill instead of Your e-Bill from Ergon Energy Retail
  • The smaller details: Missing the pay now button, account information, visible contact information, additional links, and has no attachment.

If you believe you have received a hoax email

If you think you have received a hoax email, do not click on any links or content from the email.

  • Delete it
  • Login to My Account and check if you have a bill showing - if not, the email is likely to be a hoax
  • If you are unsure or have any queries about the email, please contact us via social media or on 13 10 46. That way you can help us to let other customers know if there’s a scam attempt.

Security of your information is something we take very seriously at Ergon Energy Retail. Other than verifying your name, date of birth and best contact, we will never ask you to provide personal or financial information via email.

For further information on how to identify a scam email or phone call, head over to the Scamwatch website or Stay Smart Online.