Help made for you

In these uncertain times we understand that you may be experiencing unexpected financial pressure and need a helping hand.

That’s why we’ve already credited bills with the Queensland Utility Bill Relief of $200 for households and $500 for businesses. And we’re committed to continuing the protection from disconnection for any customer who contacts us.

We know everyone’s situation will be different and we have a range of services that can help.

Payment options

There are several ways we can support you if you’re having difficulty paying your bill.

Payment extension

If you need some extra time to pay your electricity bill, simply request a new payment due date. You can choose to pay your bill in full, or in weekly or fortnightly instalments between now and your extended due date.

Arranging a payment extension is easy. Login to My Account, select Request Extension and choose to pay in full or instalments by the new due date.

In some cases, we’ll need to speak to you over the phone to assist with your payment extension request. Please call our support team on 13 10 46 if you:

  • have been disconnected or received a disconnection warning
  • have previously requested a payment extension on your current bill
  • have a bill over $3000
  • have any outstanding amount from previous bills
  • have a bill for a security deposit
  • have a direct debit from a bank account or credit card on the account.

Flexible payment options

We have a range of payment options you can choose from.  You can make a credit or debit card payment online, use BPay, or credit card by phone.

If you’re looking for flexibility in paying your bill, Direct Debit or Centrepay may be a better option.

  • Direct Debit gives you the flexibility to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly with payments transferred automatically from your nominated bank account
  • Centrepay is a free bill paying service provided by the Australian Government. You can use Centrepay to arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payment to pay your electricity bill.

You can quickly and instantly set up or change a Direct Debit and Centrepay arrangement by logging into My Account.

Support made for you

If you need some additional support with managing your energy costs, please call 13 10 46 Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. Our support team can:

  • help you work out what you can afford to pay, based on your current financial situation and future energy needs
  • work with you to develop a personalised payment plan that outlines regular payments
  • help you reduce your electricity usage
  • let you know if you're eligible for any government rebates, concessions, grants and services
  • suggest where you can get further financial assistance.


Electricity rebate

You may be entitled to the Queensland Government electricity rebate if you hold an eligible government issued card and meet certain eligibility criteria.

Only one rebate can be paid per eligible household. You can tell if you’re already receiving the rebate by looking at the back of your bill – under the Other Charges and Credits section you’ll see a line for ‘Qld Govt Electricity Rebate’.

Check your eligibility

1. Have a retail electricity account

You need a retail electricity account at the residence for which the rebate is claimed. This needs to be your principal place of residence and the only residence that you're claiming a rebate for, within or outside Queensland.

2. Hold an eligible card

  • Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card and be receiving the War Widow/er or special rate TPI Pension
  • Queensland Seniors Card
  • Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • Australian Government ImmiCard with asylum seeker status.

3. Live alone or with selected individuals

  • your spouse
  • other people who hold a Pensioner Concession Card, Queensland Seniors Card, Commonwealth Health Care Card or Australian Government ImmiCard with asylum seeker status
  • other people wholly dependent on you
  • other people who receive an income support payment from Centrelink, the Family Assistance Office, or the Department of Veterans' Affairs and who do not pay rent
  • other people who live with you to provide care and assistance, and who do not pay rent
  • If you live in a residential home park or in multi-unit residential premises, you need to have an individually metered electricity supply and the support of the proprietor to apply for the rebate on your behalf.

Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme is for Queensland households experiencing difficulties paying their electricity as a result of an unforeseen emergency or a short-term financial crisis. It is one-off emergency assistance to help with paying home energy bills and pays up to $720 once every 2 years. Read the full eligibility details to determine if you qualify for the scheme and how to apply.

Household Utility Assistance Package

We’ve automatically credited your electricity bill with the Queensland Government’s Household Utility Assistance Package. This is a one-off relief payment of $200 for households’ power and water, and a $500 electricity rebate for businesses.

On the back of your bill, under the Other Charges and Credits section, you’ll see a line for ‘Queensland Utility Bill Relief’. This payment was made to all customers with an active account on or before April 7, 2020.

Helping you manage your energy use

Extra activity and time spent at home is likely to change your energy use. We have a range of tools and calculators available to help you manage these changes. You can track your usage to manage your costs and identify areas where you can reduce your energy use.