Other tariffs

These tariffs or pricing structures have been developed for the supply of electricity to street lights and in situations where there is no electricity meter.

Tariff 71

This tariff is for the supply of power to street lights on roads which local government controls or state controlled roads as defined under the Transport Infrastructure Act (1994).

GST incl.
from 1 July 2018
GST incl.
from 1 July 2017
All usage - cents per kWh 34.25435.228
Supply charge - cents per day per lamp 0.5780.578

Street lights frequently asked questions

How are the tariff rates for Tariff 71 calculated?

There are no longer different rates for energy usage based on ownership of a street light. The usage is determined in accordance with the metrology procedure issued by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Which means the AEMO determines that the street lights will be on during dark hours.

What are dark hours?

Dark hours represent the number of hours of darkness for the billing period for your region. There are two regions - North and South. Refer to the map below to determine which region is applicable to your account.

Map of Queensland showing North & South regions

How do I know my region's dark hours?

To find out your region's sunrise, sunset and twilight times, refer to the below websites –

How is the installation, operation and maintenance of street lights funded?

Ergon Network charges Ergon Retail a charge, referred to as the Alternative Control Service (ACS) charge. This charge covers the installation, operation and maintenance of street lighting assets owned by Ergon Network.  This charge is approved by the Australian Energy Regulator each year.

From 1 July 2014 the Queensland Government accepted the recommendations of the Interdepartmental Committee on Electricity Reforms to pass through 10% of the ACS street lighting charges to customers whose street lights are owned and maintained by Ergon Network.  Whilst the Government will continue to subsidise the remaining ACS charges, it has endorsed the development of a price path to recover all non-energy street lighting charges over time, giving consideration to individual customer needs.

There are two different ACS charges based on the wattage of a street light.  These are referred to as 'ACS Major' and 'ACS Minor' and are itemized on the Street Lights Account Summary that you receive with your monthly street light bill.

Please note that while a percentage of the ACS charges associated with current street lights will be passed through, additional up front charges may apply for the installation of a new non-standard street lighting.

Does Ergon maintain street lights?

Ergon Network maintains street lights that are identified as entity owned, but not customer owned lights.

How do I calculate the total usage for my street lights?

The following is a guide to work out the total usage for your street lights. There may be differences due to rounding of approximately +/- 1% between your calculations and the actual usage charged on your bill.

Firstly, calculate the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) for each light type.

kWh for each light type = (Number of lights x AEMO wattage per lamp x dark hours) / 1,000

Then add up the kWh for each lamp type to get the total kWh for all of your street lights.

Per lamp dark hours* kWh

Example: For one month billing period.

Light Type

No. of Lights

AEMO Wattage per Lamp

Dark Hours *

















* The dark hours used in this example are provided for illustrative purposes only.

Note: The AEMO wattage for each lamp type is available in Appendix A of the National Electricity Market Load Tables For Unmetered Connection Points found at aemo.com.au. The AEMO wattage is not the nominal wattage specified on your electricity bill, it includes all energy used by the luminaire including the technical losses of the control circuit etc. The dark hours are the number of night time hours.

Tariff 91

Unmetered electricity supply is available for watchman lights and other small loads which have been approved by Ergon Network.  Charges are based on electricity usage determined by Ergon Network.

Usage charges

GST incl.
from 1 July 2018
GST incl.
from 1 July 2017
All usage - cents per kWh 26.70827.662

Installation charges

GST incl.
from 1 July 2018
GST incl.
from 1 July 2017
Installation fee - first lightTBC$559.85
Installation fee - additional lights installed at the same timeTBC$186.62

Maintenance charges

Lamp sizeLamp typeCost - cents per day
GST incl.
from 1 July 2018
Cost - cents per day
GST incl.
from 1 July 2017
150 wattsHigh pressure sodiumTBC120.659
220 wattsHigh pressure sodium*TBC106.020
250 wattsHigh pressure sodiumTBC129.302
360 wattsHigh pressure sodium*TBC109.376
400 wattsHigh pressure sodiumTBC141.185
250 wattsMercury vapour*TBC96.699
400 wattsMercury vapour*TBC102.341
250 wattsMetal hallideTBC138.775
400 wattsMetal hallideTBC141.456

* As of 1 July 2017, these lamps are no longer available for new installations.

For details on other charges which may apply refer to the Ergon Energy Network price list for alternative control services.

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