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Support programs

We understand that sometimes it's hard to pay for everyday essentials like electricity.  But we also know you can't live without it, so we'd like to help if we can.

  • Electricity rebate

    The Queensland Government Electricity Rebate is available for eligible pensioners and seniors to assist with the cost of electricity.

  • Customer Assist

    We understand financial difficulties can arise. Our Customer Assist program may be able to help.

  • Life Support

    Support for customers with eligible medical conditions who need power 24/7.

  • Drought relief

    If you're a farmer living in a drought affected area, we may be able to help with drought relief.

  • Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

    Support for low-income customers in financial difficulty who are unable to pay their current energy bill.

  • Low income rebate

    The Low Income Household Rebate is for eligible customers in New South Wales to assist with the cost of electricity.

  • Energy savvy families

    Our Energy Savvy Families program is designed to help you learn more about your energy use and manage your energy bills.

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