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Removing an electricity service

When you’re planning to demolish, remove or relocate a building, you’ll need to request to remove the electricity service line and equipment including meters.

If we were the last known retailer for that service, we can help you.

Requesting to remove a service

It’s easy to request to remove a service online. To submit the request you’ll need to be the person who will pay the supply abolishment fees.

To help us progress your application as quickly as possible, please:

  • Complete all fields on the form except where indicated.
  • Submit a separate application form for each site.
  • Include meter numbers for all meters that are to be removed. Meter numbers are on each meter.
  • Provide access to the meter box and service line for the work to be carried out. If access is insufficient for the work to be completed, a standard call out fee may be charged.
  • Ensure the property is vacant, as work cannot start until the property is vacant.

If you're unsure about any aspect of the application please contact us on 13 10 46.

Costs to remove the service

Fees per service may apply to remove the electricity service and/or meters.

Please note this is a quoted service, prices will vary depending on location, if traffic control is required or if the premise is CT metered. Price is capped at a maximum of $2395.569. All rates include GST.

From 1 July 2020 COST / SERVICE
Removal of electricity service and/or meters From $415.69
From 1 July 2019 COST / SERVICE
Removal of electricity service and/or meters From $339.33

When you submit an application you will be considered to have agreed for these fees to be charged to you.

Removing the electricity service

The date you request to remove the service is your preferred date. The actual date the works will be completed is subject to the resources available and the extent of the works required.

Once we have transferred your request to the service providers, your supply and/or meters will be removed within 22 business days in urban areas. Timeframes for removing a service in rural and isolated areas will be agreed with the service providers.

Once the service has been removed, its National Metering Identifier (NMI) will be cancelled.

Reconnecting power to the site

To connect an electricity service after it has been removed, you will need to request a new connection. This will involve a new NMI being allocated.