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New connections

Connect your premises to the electricity network for a reliable power supply. As part of this process, we need to confirm if power supply from our network is available to your property. We’ll also need to establish a new connection contract with you.

Are you moving? If you're moving to a home or business where there is already power, and you need to be reconnected, you just need to contact your electricity retailer.

Need power connected for a new build? If you’ve just finished building and need your new premises connected, see below how to get started.

How to get connected

  1. 1 Getting started

    Start by talking to an electrical contractor, they will need to undertake work at your premises and complete relevant paperwork for your proposed new connection. An electrical contractor can provide technical information about your premises that will assist with the connection process.

    If you are unsure if there is power available to connect your premises, you can submit an enquiry via our Customer Self Service. If you’re not comfortable with the questions on the enquiry form, you can speak to your electrical contractor for advice or request they submit the enquiry on your behalf.

  2. 2 Submit a Connect Application

    To get power connected, a Connect Application needs to be submitted and an offer will be made for acceptance to start a new connection contract with us. There are Basic and Negotiated Applications, your type of application will be determined by the information provided about the new connection required at your premises.

    As a customer, you can submit your Connect Application yourself through our Customer Self Service. If you’re not quite sure about the information you need to provide, we recommend talking to your electrical contractor who can submit the application on your behalf.

    If you are an electrical contractor operating on behalf of a customer, you will need to submit the Connect Application through our Electrical Partners Portal.

    Note: During the connection process we will typically contact the person who makes the application.

    Read more on Basic and Negotiated Applications in our FAQs.

    You can check the progress of your application via Track Service Orders.
  3. 3 Accept our Connection Offer

    Once the Connect Application has been submitted, we will review the application and provide a Connection Offer. The offer must be accepted for your new connection to proceed.

    Basic Connection

    If your connection service type is assessed as basic, the application can be fast-tracked when submitting online by ensuring the Expedite Application box is ticked. The connection contract will automatically be created based on the terms of our Model Standing Offer (PDF 902.5 kb).

    If your application is assessed as basic, but is not expedited, we’ll make a Basic Connection Offer within 10 business days (or other date agreed with you). You will have 45 business days to accept our offer. Your connection contract starts when the offer is accepted.

    Negotiated Connection

    If your connection service type is unable to be assessed as basic, then it’s classed as negotiated.

    We’ll contact the person who applied to discuss the terms of your connection contract. There may be additional costs which will need to be accepted at this time. We’ll aim to make a Negotiated Connection Offer within 65 business days of your application. You'll have 20 business days to accept the offer. Your connection contract starts once the offer is accepted.

    Do you live in a remote area? All new connection applications submitted in isolated communities need to be investigated before it can be determined if they will be basic or negotiated.

    Read more about connection service types, offers and contracts in our FAQs.
  4. 4 Choose an electricity retailer & submit EWR

    Your electrical contractor will need to know who you choose as your electricity retailer. Your electrical contractor will complete an Electrical Work Request (EWR) to provide us with this and other information about your connection.

    The EWR is final confirmation that your premises is ready for a power connection. The EWR will also notify your electricity retailer of your new connection request. Your electricity retailer will then contact you to set up an account.

    Your electricity account needs to be set up before we can connect you. Once this is done, your electricity retailer will send us a service order requesting us to connect your premises.

    If you're in an isolated community, your electricity retailer will be Ergon Retail.

    Your retailer will also send a service order to their nominated metering provider to arrange installation of your new meter. For more information on meters please speak with your electricity retailer.

  5. 5 Connection of your premises

    Your electricity retailer or electrical contractor will be able to advise you when we’ll visit your premises to connect it to our network. We must do this within set timeframes (see below), unless we must alter our network to connect you or need to organise an appointment for your connection.

    A metering provider will also need to visit your premises to install a meter. They'll usually do this after our visit as your meter cannot be installed until electricity supply is available. The metering provider will ensure the power is on to your premises before they leave.

    Note: We will need access to the service connection point and meter box during our visit.

    For a summary of this connection process, check out our Connect to the network checklist (PDF 377.5 kb).

How long will it take?

To establish your connection contract, we'll make a connection offer within the following timeframes. This offer is typically made via the portal used to submit the Connect Application.

Basic Connection Offer
  • If you expedited your Connect Application, your connection contract will start when your application is submitted.
Basic Connection Offer
  • If you didn't expedite your Connect Application, we'll make a Basic Connection Offer within 10 business days
  • You'll have 45 business days to accept it
  • Your connection contract will start when your offer is accepted.
Negotiated Connection Offer
  • We'll make contact within 20 business days to advise that we'll be giving you a negotiated connection offer and clarify any information
  • We'll aim to provide this offer within 65 business days
  • You'll have 20 business days to accept it
  • Your connection contract will start when your offer is accepted.

To get you connected, in addition to your Connect Application, we need an EWR from your electrical contractor and a service order from your electricity retailer.

Once all paperwork is received, we will endeavour to attend your premises within the below timeframes to complete your connection (unless we must change our network to connect you or need to organise an appointment for your connection).

CBD or urban Within 5-10 business days*
Rural Within 10 business days
Isolated Within 30 business days

* Some areas may appear to be CBD or Urban, but they can be classified as Rural within our network. In these cases, we’ll complete your connection within 10 business days.

Check the progress of your Connect Application in Track Service Orders.

A metering provider will also need to visit your premises to install your electricity meter. Your electricity retailer should advise the timeframe for your connection, including installation of the meter.

Note: Connection timeframes depend on network availability, clear access to your premises, traffic control requirements, or any other impacts that are outside of our control.

How much will it cost?

Fees and charges will depend on the type of connection service you have applied for, and whether any work is needed on the electricity network to connect you.

For all new overhead connections, we need to install a service line to connect your new premises to our network. Underground connections will be established from the nearest pillar. Both installation types are free of charge in most cases.

If any network charges are required to meet your Connect Application, an estimate of these charges will be included in your connection offer for your approval. See our latest price lists on our Connections charges web page.

Other charges may apply under a negotiated connection offer. For example, an application fee, a network extension fee, or a capital contribution.

All our connection charges have been approved by the Australian Energy Regulator.

We are no longer responsible for the installation of metering. This is arranged by your electricity retailer.

The meter provider may charge fees to install electricity metering at your premises. The amount is charged to you by your electricity retailer, so you will need to discuss this with them.

FAQs and further reading

For more information on connection service types, offers and contracts read our FAQs.