Whether you're at home or at work, electricity is central to almost all aspects of our everyday lives. So it's important to take care, stay line aware and be mindful of electrical safety to keep you, your family and your work colleagues safe.

  • Working near powerlines

    Look up and live. Working near powerlines can be dangerous. Information on requirements and exclusion zones.

  • Safety advice form

    If you can’t avoid working in the exclusion zone of an overhead powerline, complete this form to get written safety advice from us before you start.

  • Your industry

    Sometimes it's easy to forget about electrical safety at work so 'Take care, stay line aware' and stay safe at work.

  • Safety at home and work

    'Take care, stay line aware' and use our simple tips to keep you and your family safe around electricity.

  • Incidents and emergencies

    Be prepared for emergencies. Find out how to stay safe when severe weather or accidents impact the electricity network.

  • Safety heroes

    Helping educate primary school students about how electricity works and how to behave safely around electrical equipment.