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Coronavirus Response

We're focused on keeping you connected and are here to support you in these uncertain times. Read about our COVID-19 response (PDF 2.7 mb).


Whether you're at home or at work, electricity is central to almost all aspects of our everyday lives. So it's important to 'Take care, stay line aware' and be mindful of electrical safety to keep you, your family and your work colleagues safe.

  • Safe entry to premises

    Read about how you can help us with safe and clear access to your premises for things like meter reading, connections, inspections and repairs.

  • Home safety

    'Take care, stay line aware' and use our simple tips to keep you and your family safe around your home.

  • Business safety

    Sometimes it's easy to forget about electrical safety at work so 'Take care, stay line aware' and stay safe at work.

  • Powerline safety

    Look up and Live. Working near powerlines can be dangerous. Information on requirements and exclusion zones.

  • Vehicle safety

    Find out what to do in a car accident where live powerlines are down or electrical equipment is damaged.

  • Safety advice form

    Complete this form to obtain a safety advice from us.

  • Safety heroes

    Helping educate primary school students about how electricity works and how to behave safely around electrical equipment.

  • Summer safety

    Tips to help keep you and your family safe during storms, cyclones and floods.