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Don’t put your life on the line. Before you get onsite, plan ahead and check the location of powerlines with our powerline safety planning tool.

Business owners, machinery operators, and other workers working near powerlines should take appropriate actions to work safely near powerlines.

Planning work near powerlines?

To make the safety planning process simpler, use our Look up and Live map. You can locate overhead powerlines at your work site on an interactive geospatial map.

It also combines several important safety features in one handy location, including:

  • Safety guidelines and advice, including powerline exclusion zones
  • Options for planning or performing work e.g. powerline visual indicators
  • Information on de-energisation or relocation of powerlines
  • High load forms
  • Dial Before You Dig enquiry details.

Note: You can also download this map as the Look up and Live app.

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View our short instructional video on the map


You can scroll down to any part of the map or just type in where you want to go to. Once on site you can click and get all the property details.  You can also then find out what voltages the powerlines are at. This one in particular was eleven thousand volts, and some low voltage there as well.

If you need more information now, and you want to get safety advice, it will then take you to the powerline owner. In this case, Ergon Energy’s website.  You can fill out the form and complete the safety advice.

Also, if you want to do a Dial Before You Dig enquiry, click on Dial Before You Dig.  It will take you the Dial Before You Dig enquiry page.

If you would now like to print out your plan of your construction site, you can write in what your construction site is.  Press print.  Then you will have a powerline safety plan giving you the scale, and legend, showing you there’s low voltage network.  There are also high voltage powerlines there.  And it will give you the exclusion zones around those powerlines to work safely.

At the top right-hand side, there’s lots more features for you to check out.

Hazard controls

Once powerline hazards are identified, consider the following hierarchy of hazard controls:

  1. De-energise overhead powerlines
  2. Relocation of overhead powerlines
  3. Install underground powerlines
  4. Placement of physical barriers to prevent encroachment
  5. Use of powerline visual indicators e.g. rota markers
  6. Appoint a safety observer
  7. Delineate and set up a safety observer area.

All machinery operators and other persons working near powerlines should be aware of and comply with the Electricity Entity Requirements: Working Near Overhead and Underground Electric Lines (PDF 765.3 kb).

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