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Metering charges

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has changed the way you are charged for your electricity metering. This change means the electricity industry has moved to a more transparent way of billing metering costs that will support future competition and customer choice.

What's changed?

Metering costs are no longer included in our Network Charges that form part of your electricity costs.

You now need to contact your electricity retailer for all requests and costs relating to the installation, update or maintenance of metering services.

You may see a line item on your electricity bill from your electricity retailer called the 'Metering Services Charge'. This charge includes an amount to recover the purchase cost (or capital cost) of your existing meters and an additional amount to cover the cost of maintaining, operating and reading those meters.

Also, due to the changes that came into effect on 1 August 2015, customers who have a new meter installed are charged an upfront fee to cover the cost of the new meter. If your new meter is replacing an old meter you will continue to pay the capital cost of your old meter.

Power of Choice changes

On 1 December 2017 the electricity industry introduced Power of Choice reforms. This requires all new electricity meters for residential and small business customers to be Type 4 smart meters, and older-style meters to be phased out over time. The new smart meters will give you more control in managing electricity usage.

There are some exemptions for premises located in certain areas. See our Power of Choice exempted areas (PDF 195.1 kb) information.

How are metering charges calculated?

Metering charges are classified as Alternative Control Services (ACS), and are calculated in accordance with the price cap formula approved under the AER’s Distribution Determination. For further information, see our latest Pricing Proposal.

Upfront metering installation charges

Upfront metering charges may apply for the installation of new and replacement meters. Metering charges depend on the type of metering you need. Your electrical contractor can advise you on the right metering for your home or business.

The most commonly used meters for homes in Queensland have been Type 6 meters, however these will be replaced over time with Type 4 smart meters through the Power of Choice reforms.

The changes also mean that we will no longer install or replace meters, you now need to arrange this with your electricity retailer. You may be charged meter installation or replacement costs by your electricity retailer.

Ongoing daily charges for metering services

The metering service charge is a daily fixed charge for the provision of Type 5 and Type 6 meters and covers services such as meter reading, maintenance and meter data services.

These charges may be included in the bills you receive from your electricity retailer.

Please note: We can provide estimates only. The amounts charged to you by your electricity retailer may differ.

Network charge type How you are chargedCharges for 2024-25 financial year
Ongoing daily charges for metering services These charges may be included in the bills you receive from your electricity retailer. Our metering charges* will vary depending on your metering arrangements. Refer to the ACS Metering tab in our 2024-25 Network Price List (XLSX 1.8 mb).
* Our charges vary depending on the specific type of metering installation (e.g. solar or load control) and do not include relevant call out fees.

For large customers

For larger customers, where metering is a contestable service, we recommend you contact your electricity retailer for confirmation of actual costs and who might be carrying out these works.