Your industry

In certain industries, you’ll often need to work closely with powerlines and other parts of our electrical network. Get to know the common electrical hazards in your industry and how you can reduce the risk of an accident.

  • Agriculture

    Farm work can put you at risk of contact with powerlines. To keep safe, learn how to spot electrical hazards and use safe work habits.

  • Aviation

    Accidental contact between your plane and powerlines could cause injury or death. Use the following safe work habits every time you fly.

  • Building and construction

    Some construction jobs carry a higher risk of contact with electrical assets. Learn how to protect your workers from electrical hazards.

  • Plumbing

    There are several safe work habits you should use when working with metal pipes. Always assess electrical risks before you start work.

  • Trucking

    The road transport industry has the highest rate of accidental contact with electricity assets. Assess risks and plan safe work habits.

  • Structures and billboards

    When working above ground level you’re likely working closer to our powerlines. Take steps to protect your workers from electrical hazards.