A man installing solar panels on a roof

Applications that fail assessment

If your application undergoes assessment and does not pass, we will assist you with further advice and options.

Reasons an application may not pass

Applications may not pass assessment if:

  • The transformer serving the premises is too small to support the volume of electricity that could be generated by the system
  • The connection is a relatively long distance away from the transformer, which may cause significant voltage fluctuations or cause voltage levels to fall outside the statutory ranges
  • There are already a number of micro embedded generating (micro EG) unit connections that share the same transformer. This may even be the case if there is only one other micro EG unit. Each transformer has a limit to the micro EG unit capacity it can support.


We support renewable energy and battery storage and will work with you to explore options including:

  • Installing a unit with an inverter of a lower capacity, with or without 'reactive power control' enabled. We will advise the maximum capacity that can be facilitated at the premises to ensure effective operation of the unit and to protect the electricity supply in the local area.
  • Installing a unit that cannot export electricity to the grid. These non-exporting units have less of an impact on the network so are more likely to be approved. However, the unit will not earn credits under the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme.
  • Exploring the option of upgrading the number of electrical phases of the premises to accommodate the desired inverter capacity. This may not be offered to some applicants if the local network cannot support a phase upgrade.
  • Requesting that we make an offer for the proposed inverter capacity. Many applicants will be provided the option to ask us to undertake a full network upgrade design and make an offer to the applicant which details all the required upgrades to the customer's electrical installation, dedicated local network and shared local network, and costs to the customer as relevant.
  • Paying for an upgrade to the network to accommodate the inverter originally requested. For applications that don't qualify for the option above, customers will have the option to pay for upgrades to the shared network, as well as required upgrades to the customer's electrical installation and dedicated local network if relevant.
  • Withdrawing application. Customers may choose not to install a unit, in which case they should contact us to withdraw the application.