Underground cable

Underground facilities

Install your fibre and communication cables within our underground facilities such as conduits, pipes, and pits across our underground electricity network.

This process will involve both an application and a Facilities Access Agreement (FAA) which you will need to enter with us. This will detail the legal and commercial responsibilities and other contractual obligations and associated costs for your installation on our network.

Once your design has been accepted and approved by our team and you have a signed FAA with us, your installation work can begin.

If you are an existing customer seeking an approved Accredited Service Provider for underground works, please review our list of installers (PDF 153.5 kb).

If you are a new customer and would like to enquire about underground cable and fibre requirements on our network, please refer to the following process. We can also talk with you about a FAA, and why this is required.

Installation process

  1. 1 Enquiry

    Submit your initial enquiry via our online enquiry form

  2. 2 Checks

    We'll do some prequalification checks of your enquiry

  3. 3 Apply

    We'll help you with your application submission

  4. 4 Review

    Your application and design will be reviewed by us

  5. 5 Agreement

    We'll establish your Facilities Access Agreement (FAA)

  6. 6 Licence

    Your site licence will be offered and executed by us

  7. 7 Installation

    You engage an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) for installation of your equipment

Please note that a Connect Application for unmetered power supply will need to be submitted via our Electrical Partners Portal, which we can help you with. Read more about unmetered supply connections.