Field crew in a cherry picker working on powerlines

Getting reconnected after severe weather

When restoring power, our top priority is the safety of the public as well as our employees working on powerlines.

Remember, during a storm or cyclone or when the power is out, telephone lines and mobile phone networks may be congested or damaged so please be patient.

What to do if we have disconnected your power

Following a weather event, repairs may be necessary to the electricity network, homes or businesses. The service line that connects power to premises may be disconnected for safety. If this has happened at your premises, follow these steps to have your power reconnected safely and as soon as possible.

  1. 1 You are disconnected for safety

    We have inspected and disconnected power to your premises due to storm damage, flooding, or inundation, and left an Electricity Defect Report in your meter box.

  2. 2 Arrange a safety check

    You, your building manager/body corporate, or landlord, need to arrange a safety check by a licensed electrical contractor.

  3. 3 Make safe

    Your licensed electrical contractor will complete a safety check and fix any defects. They will complete and sign the contractor section of our Electricity Defect Report and leave onsite to confirm your premises is safe for reconnection.

  4. 4 Arrange reconnection

    You, your building manager/body corporate, or landlord will need to then contact us to arrange reconnection. Ask your licensed electrical contractor if they will do this on your behalf.

  5. 5 Premises is reconnected

    Our crew will attend and confirm the defects have been rectified and reconnect your premises to the electricity network. You’ll have power as soon as the network has been safely reenergised.

Finding an electrician

Find a licenced electrical contractor online, through your local telephone directory or call the Master Electricians Australia (MEA) on 1300 889 198 or the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) on 1300 361 099.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers we receive from customers after major weather events.

If electrical fittings have been inundated or damaged by flood water, you will need a licensed electrical contractor to conduct a safety check.

No. If you know your electrical fittings have been inundated or damaged by flood water, contact a licensed electrical contractor to arrange a safety check immediately.

Power is restored to our network of transmission lines, distribution powerlines, substations, neighbourhood transformers, and service wires to customers in order of priority. Our focus is on first restoring power to public health and community facilities and to the greatest number of customers as quickly as possible. Read more about how we restore power to the network.