Man reporting fallen powerlines after storm

Fallen or damaged powerlines

Although built to stand up to Queensland's harsh weather conditions, our powerlines can sometimes be affected by lightning strikes, high winds, heavy rain, flooding and flying debris. At other times fallen trees, car accidents, vandalism and animals could bring down powerlines or damage the electricity network, which can cause power outages and life-threatening situations.

Report fallen powerlines

It’s important you know how to stay safe when the electricity network has been damaged. Don’t take chances, follow these steps to stay safe.

  1. 1 Look out

    Always look out for fallen powerlines or damage to the electricity network after severe weather, car accidents, vandalism or near fallen trees. Be aware fallen powerlines can be hidden by debris and hard to spot.

  2. 2 Report it

    Report fallen powerlines immediately by calling Triple zero (000) or 13 16 70.

  3. 3 Stay away

    Stay at least 10 metres away and warn others about the danger. Always assume fallen powerlines are 'live' and dangerous. Touching powerlines either directly or with another object can result in serious injury or death.

  4. 4 Wait

    Wait for Ergon Network to attend to make the area safe.