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School education program

Safety Heroes is an educational program that we deliver to help teach primary school students about electricity and how to behave safely around electrical equipment.

Teaching resources

To assist teachers who are supporting us in delivering important safety messages around electricity and electrical equipment, we have developed the Safety Heroes program.

The program provides interactive teaching resources that are aligned to support the curriculum requirements of Queensland schools. The teaching resources align with the P-6 Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education, and key outcomes for Science, English, Mathematics and Drama.

Get involved in Electrical Safety Week 2024!

Our Safety Heroes program will be held during Electrical Safety Week 2 - 6 September 2024.

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. To ask a question about the program, please email or call 07 3910 1052 the Safety Heroes team.

Resources for Prep to Year 6 students

You can view the Electrical Safety Week resources and download a copy:

New!! Let's get coding

In collaboration with Code Club Australia powered by the Telstra Foundation, we have created a Safety Heroes Scratch project targeted at Years 3 & 4 students.

What is scratch programming?

Scratch Programming is a block-based visual coding language used to teach coding to primary-aged students in a simple, fun way. It’s easily accessible and free to use on scratch.mit.edu.

Help your students be a coding Safety Hero!

Our Safety Heroes scratch project is aligned to the Digital Technologies curriculum. It’s designed to be delivered in a 45 minute lesson and will help students create an interactive quiz game about important electrical safety messages.

We have a beginner and advanced step-by-step lesson plan which you can select based on the skill level of your students:

Electricity & safety unit for Year 6 students

We are also offering a free electricity and safety unit for Year 6 classes. The free resources are designed to help teachers meet the Science Australian Curriculum for Year 6 and contain embedded interactive class activities, videos and teacher's notes.

The resources include a lesson book and four complementary interactive whiteboard lessons that engage students in learning about electricity and how to be safe around it.

You can view existing resources and download a copy:

  • Electricity & Safety Lesson book for Year 6 (PDF 6.8 mb)
  • Interactive whiteboard lessons for Year 6
    • Interactive whiteboard lesson 1
      • What is electricity
      • Electricity generation and transmission
      • Transportation of electricity
      • Simple electric circuits
    • Interactive whiteboard lesson 2
      • Electricity safety
    • Interactive whiteboard lesson 3
      • Conductors and insulators
      • Series and parallel circuits
      • Electricity energy investigation
      • Design task
      • Electrical consumption
    • Interactive whiteboard lesson 4 (optional)
      • What is energy?
      • Transforming energy.

If you would prefer to have them sent to you on a USB please email or call 07 3910 1052.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to complete our online teacher survey. This helps us to continually develop our electricity teaching resources to meet your needs.