By choosing energy efficient appliances and using a few energy saving strategies, you could reduce your electricity bills. There are a few home appliances which really drive up your bills. Left unchecked, they'll quietly drain your energy and burn a hole in your pocket, without you even noticing.

  • Air conditioners

    Air conditioners can be one of the bigger silent energy suckers in your home. Follow our tips to stop your aircon blowing your dough.

  • Washers & dryers

    Laundry appliances use a lot of electricity to wash and dry each load. Follow our tips to stop them cleaning up at your expense.

  • Hot water

    Water heating can account for a good chunk of your home energy use. Follow our tips to stop it burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Fridges & freezers

    Fridges and freezers come in many sizes and often we have more than one. Our tips can help stop them putting the bite on your budget.

  • Lighting

    More energy efficient lighting can help you manage your lighting costs. Follow our tips to help you to stop your lighting robbing you blind.

  • Pools

    A pool can be one of the biggest silent energy suckers. Our tips can help stop your pool being a real drain on your finances.