Need more time to pay your bill

Need more time to pay your bill?

If you’re having trouble paying your bill by the due date we have a range of options to help you get back on track and ensure the power stays on.

Request a payment plan


You can request a payment plan for your current bill quickly and instantly via My Account:

In My Account, simply go to your Dashboard and if you’re eligible for an online payment plan, you’ll see a button saying ‘request a payment plan’.

You can request a new date to pay your bill in full. You can also request to pay your bill in weekly or fortnightly instalments between now and your extended due date.

Screenshot from My Account showing a tile headed 'Billing & payments' followed by a total due amount and a button saying 'request a payment plan

When we’ll need to speak with you on the phone

In some cases we’ll need to speak with you on the phone to assist with your payment plan. Please call our friendly local team on 13 10 46 to request a payment plan if you have:

  • more than one bill outstanding
  • an existing payment plan
  • Direct Debit setup on your account
  • SmoothPay setup on your account
  • received a disconnection notice.

Customer Assist

If you've been affected by a significant life event or are experiencing ongoing hardship, you may be eligible for our Customer Assist program. On the program we’ll help you understand and reduce your energy usage, and work with you to develop a personalised payment plan. Find out more about Customer Assist.


Once you’re on top of your bill and have no outstanding balance, SmoothPay allows you to take control of your future bills by making regular, consistent payments to your electricity account each week, fortnight or month. It means you know how much your payments will be and when they are due, helping you plan your budget. To setup SmoothPay, please call us on 13 10 46.

Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (HEEAS) helps customers experiencing problems paying their energy bills as a result of an unforeseen emergency or short-term financial crisis within the past 12 months. Find out more about HEEAS

Electricity rebate

We offer an electricity rebate to customers on behalf of the Queensland Government to assist with the cost of electricity.

The rebate is available for eligible pensioners, seniors, health care card holders and asylum seekers and is applied as a daily amount, which is then paid to you in instalments through your electricity bill. The exact amount of the rebate paid on each bill will depend on the number of days in each billing period. Find out more about the electricity rebate.