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We've got information and advice to help you take control of your electricity expenses and amp up your bottom line. Take a look at our video case studies showing how other bright sparks have cut their electricity bills, tap into some energy efficiency advice and watch our Q&A videos.

  • Tips for businesses

    Tips on how to make your business more energy efficient and reduce your electricity costs.

  • Choosing an energy efficiency consultant

    Take the first step towards to finding out how to choose the right person to help your business with smarter energy choices.

  • Business Q&A's

    Your business’s energy needs questions answered. Videos full of down-to-earth information and practical advice.

  • Motivating your staff

    Getting staff to buy in on energy efficiency in the workplace is essential - we've got some ways to get you started.

  • Webinars

    Register your interest in our upcoming Business webinars bringing you a range of topics to help you take control of your business' energy.

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