Donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service

Ergon Energy Retail has been a proud partner of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in Queensland since 2000.

During that time, our customers and employees have donated more than $16 million towards improved emergency and routine medical care facilities throughout the state.

Our partnership with the Flying Doctor

Since 1928 the RFDS has been taking health care to Australia's furthest corners, using the latest in aviation, medical and communications technology. As a not-for-profit organisation, it relies on support from government and donations from the community and corporate sector.

More than 162,000 of our customers and employees currently participate in our partnership donation scheme.

Every cent of their donation is sent directly to the RFDS to assist with their aircraft replacement program and updating vital medical equipment.

You can help by donating

Please show your support for this vital community service by registering to donate through your Ergon Retail bill.

Most of our participating customers contribute around $2 or $5 per quarter, or nominate their own amount. You can too!

Register today via My Account. Prefer not to login? Complete our online form for residential or business customers.

Contribution amounts per quarter are prorated to the number of days that your bills cover, so the exact amount you pay each month or quarter may vary slightly. For example, your $2 quarterly subscription applied to a 90-day bill will be $1.97 or on a 31-day monthly bill it will be $0.68.

Your commitment to donate through your bill is completely voluntary and you can cancel or change it any time by calling us on 13 10 46.

You can also help by donating directly to the RFDS with a one-off contribution.

Thanks for your generosity

Hear how Ergon Retail customers are making a difference as part of our partnership in this short video.


I will never ever ever ever forget, I can still remember as clear as day what I was doing when they rang me.

After I’d pulled my hand out from underneath the dropper, I did see it. I got a glimpse of it.

Yeah it was pretty bad.

My index and my middle finger were pretty much just hanging their by threads and I couldn’t see my ring finger.

I’m 900kms away from Mt Isa, I knew that she was in the middle of nowhere and I just wanted to get her to help. And it was a relief once I knew that she was in the plane with the Flying Doctor.

She was in trouble when she got to the Brisbane hospital and the doctors explained that to me that her sats were dropping, she was going into shock. Our family could have lost Lexie.

The Flying Doctor let us keep our Lexie, they saved her life, they really did. It’s a life-saving organisation.

I’m eternally grateful to the people that donate to the Flying Doctor as a mother who has a daughter who was saved by them.

And I congratulate Ergon on getting behind that.

It’s nice to know that we’ll be helping too by being a customer of Ergon Energy we can also help the Flying Doctor.

You can either call Ergon Energy and talk to someone there or you can go online, there’s an option to do that and you can make donations $2, $5, or whatever you like

If you think about if every customer donated a small amount it can add up to such a significant contribution to Flying Doctor which is such a great service.

We’re really committed to this partnership as it’s about the communities in which we operate. So we know and hear the wonderful stories of what RFDS does and that resonates with us, it aligns with the values we have as being a regional support for our customers.

What we do is we provide a pathway for it to be easy for our customers to give to RFDS, something simple where they make that payment all of the time when they actually pay their bill.

We do really get out of our partnership with RFDS a sense of - that helping communities, being community focused.

I think really the two organisations are so fundamentally linked in their values and their underlying integrity, so it’s about being able to operate in a community and being real in that relationship that you have with a community.

And thinking about how you actually add value to someone’s life.

I see greater things for Lexie in the future. She will go on and do amazing things I know that and it’s because of the flying doctor that she got the help that she needed and I’ll get my beautiful daughter back to where she was before.