Return to Ergon Retail

If you're in regional Queensland and currently with another electricity retailer, you may now have the option to return to Ergon Retail.

Restrictions preventing customers from returning to Ergon Retail after their home or small business had transferred to another electricity retailer were removed in September 2018.

Residential and small business customers now have the ability to return to Ergon Retail, if they are:

  • connected to the Ergon Energy network
  • using less than 100 megawatt hours of electricity per year.

We have a range of tariffs to suit your home or small business needs. Find out about our residential tariffs and small business tariffs.

This change does not impact customers currently with Ergon Retail or moving into a house or business which had an account with Ergon Retail immediately prior.

If you would like to return to Ergon Retail, simply phone our friendly Queensland-based team on 13 10 46.

Frequently asked questions

How do I join, or switch to, Ergon Retail?

We’d love to help! Simply contact us on 13 10 46 if you would like to join or switch to Ergon Retail.

Why aren’t there more choices in my area?

Whether or not to enter, or stay, in any particular market is a commercial decision for each competitive electricity retailer. We’re regional Queenslanders, just like you, and we think choice is a good thing. We can’t – and don’t – offer special deals or discounts. Instead, what we offer is 100% transparency, no catches or gimmicks, local support from local people, and a long, proud history of serving regional Queensland. That’s the Ergon Retail difference.

Why doesn’t Ergon Retail do special offers?

We’re 100% owned by Queenslanders, and under Queensland Legislation, we’re not a competitive retailer. This means we’re not in a position to offer discounts, special sign-up deals or other sweeteners that competitive retailers can choose to offer. Queensland is open to any competitive electricity retailer who wants to seek customers’ business – it’s entirely up to these businesses whether they see value in entering the market, and staying in the market. Meanwhile, we’ll always be here to support our communities – we’re Queenslanders helping Queenslanders.

What are your tariffs?

Our tariffs are clear, transparent and upfront, with pricing options to suit various residential and small business needs. See what option is right for you.

How does Ergon Retail set its prices?

As a non-competing retailer, we don’t set our prices: we’re obliged to charge the prices set by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA.) This means all of our customers are charged the same rate for their chosen tariff, regardless of where they live. You can read more about the factors which inform prices in the QCA's Regulated retail electricity prices for regional Queensland (PDF).

The cost of transporting and maintaining power over Queensland’s vast distances is substantially more than the costs to power higher density areas such as Brisbane. For this reason, the Queensland Government provides a subsidy to us to keep regional power prices at a similar cost to those in the southeast.

This subsidy equates to more than $460 million annually, and means that most regional customers are paying less for electricity than it actually costs to supply them.

What other options do I have?

If you’re curious and would like to weigh up which electricity retailers are available in your area and their potential rates, check out Just remember to closely check any deal you’re offered for sneaky catches or nasty downstream surprises, and compare it to what we represent: no hidden fees, 100% Queensland-owned, same pricing for all regional Queenslanders whether you’re in Dalby or Doomadgee, and we’re here for the long haul.