Moving home

Whether you want to open a new account, you're moving house and need to transfer your account or you need to close an account, simply fill in the relevant form and we'll action your request as soon as possible.

Want to open an account?

To open a new account, we'll need some personal details, your property address and when you'd like electricity supply to start.

Open a new account

Find out about our range of residential tariffs.

If you're planning to move to a house that doesn't currently have an electricity connection, you'll need to request a new home electricity connection.

Moving house and need to transfer your account?

If you're with Ergon Energy Retail and want to move to a new address, you can transfer your account. Simply let us know:  

  • your account number;
  • your current and new addresses; and
  • when you want electricity supply to stop and start.

To make sure the transfer is made in time, please submit your request at least five (5) business days before you move (excluding weekends and public holidays).  

Transfer your account now.

Take the opportunity to compare residential tariffs.

Close an account

If you need to close your account and don't want to transfer it to a new address, please let us know:

  • your account number;
  • the date of your final meter reading; and
  • the mailing address we can send your final bill to.

We'll also need access to your meter to take your final reading.

Close your account.

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