Return to Ergon Retail

If you're in regional Queensland and currently with another retailer, you may soon have the option to return to Ergon Retail.

Restrictions preventing customers from returning to Ergon Retail after their home or small business had transferred to another electricity retailer will soon be removed.

Residential and small business customers would have the ability to return to Ergon Retail, if they are:

  • connected to the Ergon Energy network
  • using less than 100 megawatt hours of electricity per year.

We have a range of tariffs to suit your home or small business needs.  Find out about our residential tariffs and small business tariffs.

This change won’t impact customers currently with Ergon Retail or moving into a house or business which had an account with Ergon Retail immediately prior.

Details of timing are to be confirmed. We’ll update this web page with further information as soon as it’s made available.

Register your interest to return

You can request to return to Ergon Retail using our webform.

We'll be in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm your details.

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