Clean Energy Program

Subscribing to our Clean Energy program is one of the simplest ways your household can reduce its carbon footprint.

By paying a little extra on your bills, you'll help support Australia's renewable energy industry.

What's the Clean Energy program?

When you subscribe to Clean Energy, you pay an extra amount on your bills which enables us to purchase more renewable energy certificates from renewable energy generators.Green Power accredited logo

We purchase renewable energy from generators in Queensland through Power Purchase Agreements with sugar mills and other renewable energy generators.

How do I subscribe to Clean Energy?

Subscribe to Clean Energy to make your contribution and help us support the renewable energy industry. You can cancel any time without penalty. Call our team on 13 10 46 to subscribe.

Where does Clean Energy come from?

Clean Energy is drawn from three renewable energy sources – wind, hydro and biomass. Each source produces zero net greenhouse gas emissions, which is great for reducing your impact on the environment.

We purchase renewable energy from sources located all over regional Queensland, including wind farms at Mount Emerald and Thursday Island, hydro stations at Paradise Dam and Tinaroo Dam, and biomass plants at a number of sugar mills.

Clean Energy is fully accredited by GreenPower, the government program that sets accreditation and reporting standards for renewable energy products in Australia.

How much does Clean Energy cost?

From 1 July 2021, Clean Energy subscriptions start from $10 per quarter, which buys enough clean energy to power 10% of the average Queensland home.

Subscriptions are prorated based on the number of days your bill covers, so the amount you pay each month or quarter may vary slightly. For example, your $10 quarterly subscription applied to a 90-day bill will be $9.90 or on a 31-day monthly bill it will be $3.41.

All subscription levels are shown below with the amount of Clean Energy they purchase and the greenhouse gas emissions they save.

Subscription options (per quarter) 1Prorated cost per dayKilowatt  hours (kWh) per annumGreenhouse gas emission savings per day (kg)Percentage usage of Clean Energy of average regional Queensland home 2


























Are you a business customer? View our Clean Energy options for business.

1 Costs are based on annual kilowatt hour usage estimates split over four quarterly bills.

2 Emissions calculated using October 2020 National Greenhouse Accounts Factors.

3 Percentages are based on current average household electricity usage in regional Queensland of 6,500 kWh per annum.