Price changes from 1 July 2021

What's changing?

The annual bill for a typical household has decreased by around $100 from 1 July. That’s because we’ve passed on the price reduction from the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) directly to you, as we always do.

The Queensland Government subsidises the price of electricity for regional Queenslanders to ensure we're on par with other parts of the state, given the vast geographic distances to deliver electricity across regional and remote Queensland.

We’re committed to being 100% transparent with you because we’re Queensland owned. It’s your energy.

Overall, notified prices have generally decreased from 2020/21 rates.

From 1 July 2021:

  • The bill for a typical household on Tariff 11 has decreased by 7.4% or around $111 per annum.
  • If you’re also using an economy tariff, you may see a decrease of around 12.3% or $23 per annum on Tariff 33, or a decrease of around 12.7% or $29 per annum on Tariff 31.
  • If you receive the solar feed-in tariff, this has decreased slightly from 7.861 cents to 6.583 cents.