Billing and meter data provision services

The first step to improving your business's energy efficiency is to find out how much energy you're currently using. We make that easy with our usage monitoring services.

If you're a customer of Ergon Energy Retail, we can provide a range of information about billing and your energy usage, including:

  • Metering data;
  • Billing information; and
  • Information about the level of electricity usage to customers or third parties authorised by the customer.

We also offer access to usage data via the website with graphing and data export capability.

Many of these services require you to have specific metering installed at your premises.

Types of data available

Depending on the type of meter you have installed, we can provide quarterly or monthly metering data information. More detailed information may be available if you have an interval meter, which can be read remotely.

  • Summary data - accumulation metering data will be provided electronically as a PDF file unless otherwise requested;
  • Detailed data - for customers with interval metering data (remote read meters) will be provided as a CSV file for you to analyse easily; and
  • Other - in addition to the above two formats if you have a specific request we will try to assist where possible.

Historical billing data is also available for the previous two years without charge. For billing data which is more than 2 years old, a fee of up to $30 may apply for each request.

Want to access data?

Call us on 1300 135 210 or email If you're an authorised representative of the account holder, please complete the Authority to Release Information to Third Parties Form (PDF 288.4 kb) also.