Requesting an adjusted bill

Sometimes we’re required to issue your bill based on an estimate of your electricity usage, when an actual read from a meter reader wasn’t available.

Typically, estimated meter reads are based on your historical electricity usage data.

If this happens, you can request to provide your own read and have your bill reissued with a new due date for payment.

Refer to our handy guide on how to read your electricity meter.

When we can accept your read

Energy legislation determines when we’re able to accept requests to reissue bills based on replacement meter reads.

The option is available to customers with basic meters (ie. not smart meters) using up to 100 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity per year.

Your replacement read must be:

  • Provided to us after your estimated bill has been issued
  • Provided to us before the due date for payment of the bill
  • For a higher value than the most recent actual read taken by a meter reader
  • Consistent with the numbering format of your meter.

To request an adjusted bill, please call our friendly local team on 13 10 46.