Obsolete tariffs expiring in 2023

Learn about obsolete residential tariffs that expire on 30 June 2023, alternative tariff options and what this means for you.

All about obsolete residential tariffs 

Tariffs 14 and 12A are obsolete from 1 July 2022. This means, no new customers can switch to these tariffs from this date.  Customers currently on tariffs 14 or 12A may continue to take supply (on a continuous basis) until these tariffs expire on 30 June 2023.

Changes to the residential obsolete tariff pricing for 2022/23 are as follows.

Tariff 14

This is an obsolete seasonal time of use demand tariff providing a continuous supply of electricity at a flat rate all year. It also has demand charges, based on your average demand for electricity on your four highest demand days each month. Outside the summer peak period, the minimum chargeable demand under this tariff is 3 kW. All rates include GST.

Demand period: 3pm-9.30pm daily.

Peak period: Dec-Feb.

Minimum off-peak demand: 3 kW.

From 1 July 2022COST
Peak demand per kW$54.80310
Off peak demand per kW$7.87050
All usage per kWh$0.17939
Supply charge per day$0.48540
From 1 July 2021COST
Peak demand per kW$53.64590
Off peak demand per kW$7.70440
All usage per kWh$0.14387
Supply charge per day$0.47254

Tariff 12A

Tariff 12A is an obsolete time of use tariff. Where peak pricing is active only during the summer months of December to February.

In non-summer months from March to November, electricity is charged at the off-peak rate at all times. All rates include GST.

Peak period: 3pm-9.30pm daily, Dec-Feb.

From 1 July 2022COST
Peak usage per kWh$0.60816
Off peak usage per kWh$0.21710
Supply charge per day$0.79256
From 1 July 2021COST
Peak usage per kWh$0.56386
Off peak usage per kWh$0.18107
Supply charge per day$0.76964

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an obsolete tariff?

When a tariff is made obsolete, it means the tariff can no longer be accessed by new customers. Customers who are on the tariff at the time when it is made obsolete can continue to access the tariff until the tariff's scheduled phase-out date. A customer that moves off an obsolete tariff cannot access the obsolete tariff again.

What does this change mean for me?

It is suggested that any customers who remain on obsolete Tariffs 12A or 14 consider alternative tariff options. Our friendly staff are available to assist with choosing the right tariff to suit your needs. Call us on 13 10 46.

What tariffs should I consider changing to?

The new time of use / time of use demand tariffs have shorter peak hours than the obsolete tariffs, however peak hours apply all year.  If you can minimise usage between 4pm and 9pm, consider Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C).  If you can minimise demand between 4pm and 9pm, consider Tariffs 14A or 14B.  If you can’t, or not sure what your usage pattern is like in the future, consider Tariff 11.

For more information, go to Compare residential tariffs.

For case studies and comparisons between Tariff 11 and Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C), check out our Tariff Facts.

Why are these tariffs being made obsolete?

These tariffs are ending as part of government-driven tariff reform in Queensland, aimed at reflecting the real cost of providing electricity. Tariff reform has been ongoing for a number of years.

What if I don't change tariffs?

From 1 July 2023, Tariff 12A and Tariff 14 customers with a digital meter will be automatically transitioned to Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C). This is a new time-of-use tariff with very low daytime rates (under 10c per kWh) between 9am and 4pm.  It also has higher peak usage rates than your current tariff which apply between 4pm and 9pm all year round (not just summer).  This tariff allows you to take advantage of the plentiful and cheap solar energy in the grid during the day.  
We recommend that you consider your expected usage patterns over the next 12 months to determine if Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C) is the best tariff for you. It will generally suit households that can minimise usage at peak times (between 4pm to 9pm) and who want to save money on their bills.
Customers with a basic meter will be automatically transitioned to Tariff 11.  
You can request to change tariffs by calling us on 13 10 46.