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Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C)

Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C) is a residential time of use tariff that's suitable for customers with a low percentage of usage in the 4pm to 9pm period. You don’t need solar panels to benefit from this tariff.

How is Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C) different to Tariff 11?

Tariff 11 is a general usage tariff, where you are charged the same usage rate, regardless of when you consume energy.

On the other hand Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C) is for customers with significant usage in the off peak /shoulder periods, and minimal usage in the peak period (4pm to 9pm, everyday).  While customers with some peak usage can still save on Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C), the key is having significant usage in the off peak/ shoulder periods.  The more usage in these periods, the more a customer will save compared with Tariff 11.

Is Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C) right for your residence?

Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C) suits households who:

  • Have minimal usage during the peak period (4pm to 9pm every day).
  • Can easily move their appliance usage from peak to day (off peak) and night (shoulder) times (e.g. laundry and dish-washing machines, electric ovens).
  • May wish to put a timer on their hot water system to operate outside peak hours. If you don’t already have a timer, you can engage a qualified electrician to install one. Note: If your hot water system runs on Tariff 31 or 33, a timer isn’t required as the timing of electricity is controlled by Ergon Energy Network.
  • Can ensure occupants in the household can commit to turning off / turning down/ or not use appliances during the peak period (e.g. use fan instead of the air conditioner).
  • Do you have a digital meter? If yes, you can change to Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C) without a meter change. If no, you will need to upgrade to a digital meter.  While there is no additional charge for a digital meter, your switchboard needs to be compliant in order for the meter change to take place.
  • Your electrical contractor can assist you in assessing your switchboard.

Tariff comparison

The table below shows the pricing differences between Tariff 11 and Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C). All rates include GST.

Charge TypeTariff 11Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C)
Supply charge per day ($)$1.36667$1.34600
All usage per kWh $0.34069 
Peak (c/kWh) 4pm to 9pm $0.54118
Night (shoulder) (c/kWh) 9pm to 9am $0.29109
Day (off peak) (c/kWh) 9am – 4pm $0.14691

Case studies

Peak user

Mr and Mrs Jones have two children in a four bedroom house near Maryborough. As their house is insulated and they live in mild winter climate conditions, they have minimum overnight heating.

Mrs Jones was interested in moving to Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C), however the other family members were not prepared to change their equipment usage from peak to off peak and shoulder.  For example, once the children are home, the air conditioning and entertainment appliances (multiple TVs, playstations) were used during the 4pm to 9pm period.

This meant the Jones', due to not being able to permanently shift load or change behaviour, are more suited to Tariff 11.

Day (off peak) and night (shoulder) user

Mr and Mrs Johnson also have two children plus their elderly parent living with them in a four-bedroom house near Toowoomba. Their house was built with climatic conditions in mind, which allowed them to have minimal air conditioning in the summer months, while centralised heating is used in the winter months from 9pm to 7am.

The Johnson’s are mindful of peak times and have set up timers are to activate the central heating during the off peak and shoulder times, with reduced usage during the peak periods. The children are often away with after school sports activities, meaning very little usage occurs between 4 and 9pm (minimal cooking or washing clothes until later in the evening, as well as minimal air conditioning – set at 25C).

The Johnsons' therefore have minimal peak usage and significant off peak/shoulder usage, meaning they are well suited to save on Solar Soaker (Tariff 12C) compared to Tariff 11.