Add an authorised representative to your account

As a business account holder, you can authorise another person or business to receive information and manage your account on your behalf.

Authorised Representative

Authorised representatives can receive information about your account and complete all transactions except the following:

  • Create or finalise an account on behalf of the account holder
  • Add, modify or remove a Direct Debit only in the account holder's name
  • Add, modify or remove additional business contacts
  • Add, modify or remove a password on the account
  • Request a transfer of credit balance
  • Request a refund of credit
  • Update personal details aside from their own
  • Add, modify or remove Life Support.

How to add an authorised representative to your account:

To add an authorised representative to your account, please complete our Appointment of authorised representative - business form (PDF 394.3 kb) and return to Ergon Energy Retail:


Post: Ergon Energy Retail
PO Box 308
Rockhampton QLD 4700

Alternatively you can also call our friendly local team on 1300 135 210.

The above form is only for business accounts. Find out how to add an authorised representative to your residential account.

How to add a business contact to your account:

If you’re an employee registering on behalf of a company or organisation, you'll need to be a added as a business contact to access My Account.

To be added as a business contact, simply email or reply to any email correspondence from us with the following details:

  • The electricity account name and ABN/ACN
  • Your position within the company or organisation
  • Your name and date of birth for security purposes
  • Your contact phone number and email address