My solar system is generating the expected amount, why am I still needing to pay a bill?

Here's some things to consider:

  • Are your appliances using more power than anticipated during the day? This could be exceeding the amount of solar being generated
  • Have you introduced new appliances to the premises? For example, purchasing a new fridge that is larger. Find out more about appliance running costs
  • Have you considered that you need to pay for the power you use during the night?
  • Have you set appliance timers for the most optimal times?
  • Are you running appliances at same time? It may be beneficial to stagger your appliance usage.

Have there been any changes within the household that could cause an increase in the energy being used? For example:

  • Has another person moved into the property?
  • Have you recently had a baby and are home more often?
  • Changes to work schedule – are you working from home or on shift work?
  • Consider the season and weather conditions for the billing period.

Summer periods have longer daylight hours to generate solar power, while also having increased rain and cloud cover that can reduce the system’s ability to generate.