How can I pinpoint the cause for my high bill when I have solar?

You can take daily readings from your solar inverter and your electricity meter to understand how much solar energy is being generated, used by the property and exported to the grid.

  1. Read your solar inverter (total power generated by panels)
  2. Read electricity meter (tariff register and solar export register).

Use this calculation to determine what your total energy is for your property:

  1. Solar generation (shown on your inverter) - solar export (from your meter) = how much solar the house used first
  2. Solar consumed (as per step 1) + tariff reading on your meter (exclude solar tariff) = Total energy used.

(24 hour generation from solar inverter - 24 hour solar export to the grid = 24 hour solar power used by your home)

Contact us to request a copy of your interval data if you have a smart meter.