I have received a high bill, can you help me understand why?

There can be a few reasons why your bill may be higher than expected, these include:

Hot or cold weather
Weather can have a big impact on your energy use. Queensland is a diverse state, with the top half of the state relying heavily on air-conditioning in summer, and the southern part using heating in winter. Both of these activities will push your bill higher. You can calculate your cooling and heating costs using our household energy use calculator.

More people at home

If friends or family come to stay, you will notice that your bill will increase. This is due to additional activities each day such as extra meals being cooked, more showers being taken, the fridge being opened more etc. This is why you may also notice a spike if the kids have been home over the holidays.

New appliances

When replacing an appliance, it’s important to understand the ongoing costs. For example, a new big screen TV may cost more to run than your old one. Check out our appliances energy tips for information on appliance running costs.

Faulty appliances
When appliances are on their last legs they cost more to run. For example a fridge that has cracked or broken seals has to work harder to keep your food cold. Keeping your appliances in good working order can save you a lot on your bill. 

An estimated bill

Sometimes we’re required to issue your bill based on an estimate of your usage, when an actual read from a meter reader wasn’t available. If this happens, find out more about your options.