Choosing your electricity retailer

In July 2007, Queensland electricity customers were given the opportunity to choose their electricity retailer.

Your options to choose

Ergon Energy Retail sells electricity at tariff prices that are set by the Queensland Competition Authority. We're only able to sell electricity to you if we're the existing electricity retailer for your premises or if you're connecting to the electricity network for the first time.

As an Ergon Energy Retail customer, your responsibilities and obligations are detailed in the Standard Retail Contract (PDF 183.2 kb) for residential and small business customers, the Standard Large Non-Market Customer Retail Contract   (PDF 187.8 kb)for our large business customers or the Standard Retail Contract for card-operated meter customers (PDF 178.3 kb) in Queensland.

When comparing retail offers you should consider the retailers cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh) and service fees so you can determine if there will be savings. Other tips to consider are available on the Department of Energy and Climate website.

Find out more about electricity retailers available in Queensland on the Energy Made Easy website.

Customers who can't choose their electricity retailer

Some customers in regional Queensland are excluded by legislation from being able to choose their electrical retailer and will remain with us on a standard retail contract paying regulated tariff prices. These include:

  • Small customers in Mount Isa, Cloncurry and 33 isolated communities (who are not connected to the main electricity grid) and Weipa (who are supplied from a private electricity network)
  • Customers who buy their electricity through an on-supplier rather than a retailer, such as tenants in shopping centres and caravan parks
  • Unmetered connection points such as telephone booths
  • Particular unmetered street lights in a public place.