HomeSmart Savvy

HomeSmart Savvy is a simple integrated system that can help you understand how you use electricity at home.

Try our FREE online energy portal to see how much electricity you’re using each day and track your usage against your targets.

You'll need a digital meter to use HomeSmart Savvy, along with a computer, tablet or smartphone and access to the internet.

HomeSmart Savvy is designed to use minimal data.

Get smarter with HomeSmart

HomeSmart Savvy lets you:

  • View how much electricity you’ve been using in your household over time
  • Set a budget and receive alerts mid-month if you're likely to exceed it
  • Access your information at any time using your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  1. Register to use HomeSmart Fill in the online registration form for HomeSmart Savvy. In the following days, you’ll receive an email with details of how to access and set up HomeSmart Savvy.
  2. Create your profile Fill in your household information and program your settings how you like them, so you can see how much electricity you’ve used during the previous day, week or month. Your usage history will build over time.
  3. Set your household budget Use HomeSmart Savvy to set your ideal monthly budget limit and see how you track against your targets. When you’re nearing your thresholds, it can send you an alert so you can make changes if you need.
  4. Use it when and where you want Check your information anytime online, using a computer, tablet
    or smartphone.

Registrations open soon!

In the next few weeks, eligible residential customers with a digital meter will be able to request access to HomeSmart Savvy.

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