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Electrical Contractor Updates 2022

Issue 07‘Australia A’ region settings, Service fuse function, New connection NMI and AS/NZS 477.2.2020 requirements26 May 2022
Issue 06Energy Academy Update24 May 2022
Issue 05Your Invitation to our Upcoming Energy Academy11 May 2022
Issue 04A New Look Queensland Electricity Connection Manual (QECM)29 Apr 2022
Issue 03Solar Soak Factsheet28 Apr 2022
Issue 02Updates to Connection Application (CX) Requirements23 Mar 2022
Issue 01Is your work site safe and ready?,  Do you have feedback about the QECM? and  Electric Vehicles in Queensland.31 Jan 2022

Electrical Contractor Updates 2021

Issue 17Update on Compliance Requirements for Switchboards.6 Dec 2021
Issue 16AS/NZS 61439 Series Reminder, Single Point of Supply and Metering Installation Location, New Pillar Warning Poles and more. 1 Dec 2021
Issue 15AS/NZS 61439 Reminder, Point of Attachment Works.28 Oct 2021
Issue 14Access for Initial Connections, Have you submitted a Supply Availability?, Platforms  for Switchboard Access. 1 Oct 2021
Issue 13Reminder: Polarity and Re-energisation Obligations,  Asbestos Containing Material Reminder,  Identification of the Service Neutral Conductor for an ABC Type Cable,  Portal How-To Video, The Next Thing You Touch Safety Campaign, Electrical Safety Week Webinar.25 Aug 2021
Issue 12Our COVID-19 Response: Three Day Lockdown in Cairns & Yarrabah Areas.9 Aug 2021
Issue 11The Full Introduction of AS/NZS 4777.2.2020 is Fast Approaching!3 Aug 2021
Issue 1044c Eligibility, Unmetered Supply Update, Customer Details for Under 30kVA Negotiated Solar Application, Helping Us Plan for the Future, Portal Tips and Tricks.29 Jul 2021
Issue 92021/22 Connection Application Fees, Network Tariff Changes, Embedded Generation Sharing, Look Up and Live.30 Jun 2021
Issue 8Our Response: COVID19 - Lockdown for Multiple Queensland Locations.29 Jun 2021
Issue 7<30kVA Low Voltage Negotiated Solar Application Fee.14 Jun 2021
Issue 65 Minute Global Settlement Transitional Update, <30kVA LV Negotiated Solar Application Fee Implementation, CT Metering Installation Requirements, Maintaining Customer's 44c SBS, Portal Tips & Tricks.31 May 2021
Issue 5Raiser Brackets, EWR submissions, Hager Meter Isolations Links, LV Negotiated Solar application proposed fee, Switchboard requirements. 29 Apr 2021
Issue 4Keeping you in the loop.28 Apr 2021
Issue 3
(PDF 471.4 kb)
Look Up and Live, Relocation of Primary Fuse changes, Fusing Metering Isolation Links, linking EWRs correctly, Looping of Metering Isolation Links, View and Accept Offers in the Portal.26 Mar 2021
Issue 2
(PDF 458.2 kb)
Portal optimisation, Additional information for new connections, Interfering with Energex assets, relocation of a primary refuse.1 Mar 2021
Issue 1 (PDF 466.6 kb)Changes to operating hours, New network load control tariffs, Labelling of meter neutral links, Meter board requirements for IES connections, Meter boards in driveways, audio frequency load control.3 Feb 2021

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