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Contestable metering

Contestable metering services are open to competition, meaning you can choose a metering provider other than us for your electricity metering needs. You need to contact your electricity retailer to choose a specific metering provider.

Since the Power of Choice (PoC) reforms were introduced on 1 December 2017, we can no longer provide contestable metering services to customers connected to the main electricity grid, but you can choose us as a contestable metering provider if your property is located in one of the Power of Choice exempt areas (PDF 195.1 kb).

Our metering services

We install, read, test and audit all types of meters, from the largest to the smallest (Type 1-6 meters). Our services include:

  • Design installation and analysis
  • Load surveys - time of use, load profile, power factor recordings, power supply disturbance recordings, harmonic and voltage recordings
  • Energy meter testing and servicing, including acceptance testing, CT and whole current metering installation and refurbishment
  • Energy meter audits - CT ratio, wiring, voltage/current relation, pulsing values, multiplier confirmations, function checks, auxiliary equipment, equipment details
  • In situ energy meter tests on class 0.2% kWh and 0.5% kVAh current injection/phantom load as well as CT/VT operated and whole current metering
  • Verification testing
  • Fault finding
  • Calibration and accuracy testing
  • Electronic meter programming

Request your meter data

We are an accredited Meter Data Agent (MDA) for metering Types 1-4 and Meter Data Provider (MDP) for Types 5-7 meters.

We provide data to regulated and unregulated (contestable) customers. This data is governed by the National Electricity Rules and Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Service Level requirements.

Use our online form if you would like to request your metering data.