Metering data request form

Complete this form to request up to two years of metering data.

You or an authorised third party can submit this form, but you must have been the electricity account holder for the period for which you request data.

Please view our privacy statement regarding the collection of data.

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Your NMI is ten or eleven digits and can be found on your electricity bill.
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Report type If you don't know what type of metering is installed at the premises, select 'Unsure' and describe the data you need below.
Data is available from 1 January 2017.
Data end date must be within 2 years of start date.


By submitting this form I declare that:

  1. The information provided on this form is true and correct;
  2. I understand that all or part of requests for information made pursuant to this form may be refused if any of the information requested in this application is incomplete or incorrect;
  3. I acknowledge that your company does not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided and that all information provided by your company reflects the information held by the meter data agency;
  4. If I am a Third Party Requester, in addition to the above, I:
    1. have the requisite authority from the Customer to request, receive and deal with the requested information;
    2. will only share the information provided to me with the Customer for the reason set out on this form; and
    3. will undertake all necessary steps to protect and safeguard any information provided to me pursuant to this form.