Thinking of investing in battery storage? There are different battery storage systems to suit different needs. So before you buy, make sure you know which one will work best for you.

Growing in popularity

As interest in battery storage grows, the cost of installation is expected to continue to fall.

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    Hi and welcome to another episode of Smarter Energy.

    This time we'll be looking at one of the most exciting and revolutionary advances in energy consumption... battery storage systems.

    If you've got solar panels at your place or you're thinking about getting solar, battery storage systems offer many great benefits.

    So, how do they work? Well we're here in sunny Toowoomba to find out.

    Solar energy is fantastic. You can use the sun's energy during the day and if you're generating a surplus you could even be paid for exporting electricity to the grid.

    With the addition of the battery storage system, solar energy gets even better because now you can store excess electricity you've generated during the day for use later on in the evening.

    This gives you options and more control over what to do with solar energy.

    Best of all, whichever you're always going to save money on your power bill.

    Another benefit of battery storage systems, is they can be used as a backup power source should the power ever go out.

    So, you'll never miss the important things in life.


    So how much is a battery storage system?

    Well look they're not cheap, but for most it's more about using more solar generation and wanting to experience the new technology.

    More good news is that with our perfect weather for generating solar energy and many customers eagerness to adopt new technology, interest in battery storage systems is only expected to grow, which in turn will bring the cost of units down.

    At Ergon, we're using the battery storage grid utility support system to improve the reliability of our network in remote locations and we support our customers in embracing this new technology.

    It's just one of the ways that we're thinking forward.

  • Note: In regional Queensland, only customers on the regional feed-in tariff are still eligible to earn credits on their power bill for exporting power to the grid if their solar PV system includes battery storage.


    Battery storage for home solar is here. Installing a battery will change how you use your solar power.

    Currently, the energy your solar system makes is supplied directly to your home as needed during the day. Unused power is sold into the grid, earning you a credit on your power bill with your electricity retailer.

    When your system is not generating power, you buy all your electricity from the grid.

    Solar battery storage changes how you use your solar power.

    With solar battery storage, your solar panels will still directly power your appliances while the sun is out.

    However, the extra power you’re generating does not go into the grid. It gets stored in your battery. The unused power you stored in your battery during the day, is now available at night … or at any time you need it.

    It means you use more of your solar power at home and buy less electricity from the grid overall.

    You can still earn credits on your power bills.

    When your battery is full, your solar system will send power back into the grid.

    Generally, you’re better off having the right-sized battery and using your solar energy at home, than selling your extra electricity back to the grid.

    The grid is important because when your battery is empty and your solar panels are not producing enough power for your appliances, you will use electricity from the grid to run your home.

Benefits of battery storage

If you have solar panels, battery storage offers many extra benefits

Graphic of a solar panel and the sun

Use more solar

Battery storage allows you to store your solar power for use at night, helping you save more on electricity.

Graphic of a battery

Back-up power

Stay out of the dark and use your battery storage system for back-up power during a blackout.

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More sustainable

Work towards your sustainability goals and store excess renewable energy for later use.

  • Photo of a battery storage inverter

    Battery inverter

    An inverter connects your battery storage system to the electricity grid and your premises.

  • Photo of a battery storage system in a secure housing

    Location matters

    Think about where you locate your battery storage system so that it runs at an ideal level and reaches its expected service life.

  • Photo of a qualified person monitoring a battery storage system

    Maintenance is important

    Ensure regular maintenance for your system. This image shows one of our trial battery storage systems.

  • Photo of solar panels on a house roof

    Be more sustainable

    With a battery storage system you can work towards your sustainability goals by storing excess renewable energy for later use.

  • Photo of a battery monitoring unit

    Switchboard upgrades

    If you connect your battery storage system to your solar PV unit, your switchboard may need rewiring. Ask your battery installer.