Powerline markers

We recommend property owners mark powerlines to increase visibility and help prevent contact with overhead powerlines.

We have a range of overhead warning markers that can be installed to help identify overhead powerlines where low level flying operations take place or where machinery is frequently operated.

Download our Powerline Marker flyer (PDF 1.8 mb).

You can request more information by completing the Powerline Marker Application Form (PDF 139.5 kb) and returning it to us.

Aircraft warning markers

Cable markers should be installed where regular low-level flying operations take place. Refer to AS 3891– 2008 Air navigation - Cables and their supporting structures - Marking and safety requirements.

The colour of the markers should be chosen for visibility and contrast with the surrounding background. Markers of different colours may be used to provide contrasts when viewed in different directions or conditions (eg white and orange alternated).

Who's responsible

The responsibility for marking overhead powerlines, cables and structures should be as follows:

  • The person requesting planned low-level flying operations (eg the land owner) is responsible for requesting installation of markers
  • The pilot or pilot’s delegate should be satisfied as to the need for and effectiveness of markers prior to commencing low-level operations
  • Aerial markers should only be installed, maintained or removed by us.