Network tariffs

Our network tariffs and the rates are proposed annually for approval by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

The money that Ergon Energy is allowed to collect for its distribution services for 2010-15 was approved by the AER with the release of its Final Distribution Determination on 6 May 2010. This set our approved Annual Revenue Requirements (ARR), which forms the basis of our network tariffs.

Pricing Proposal

As required under clause 6.18.2(a)(1) of the NER, Ergon Energy submitted a Pricing Proposal to the AER for the 2014-15 regulatory year which was approved by the AER on 13 June 2014.

Ergon Energy's AER Approved Pricing Proposal 2014-15 (PDF 1.9 mb)

Information Guides

Ergon Energy's Pricing Proposal is supported by a suite of documentation to assist external parties understand the development and application of tariffs. This documentation includes Information Guides on Standard Control Services and Alternative Control Services Pricing.

Standard Control Services reflect core network, connection and metering services associated with access to and supply of electricity to customers via the distribution network (for example conveying electricity, network maintenance, installation of standard meters and load control equipment). Ergon Energy recovers our costs in providing Standard Control Services through network tariffs which are billed to retailers.

Alternative Control Services are activities undertaken by Ergon Energy which relate to a specific request from a customer or their agent (for example a retailer or an electrical contractor) and are in addition to Ergon Energy's main network services (Standard Control Services). The charges for Alternative Control Services can be directly attributed to the customer requesting the service.

Price lists for both Standard Control Services and Alternative Control Services are approved by the AER every year. Ergon Energy endeavours to publish the new price lists on Ergon Energy's website at least 20 business days before the commencement of the next financial year.

The Information Guide for Standard Control Services Pricing assists stakeholders understand how network tariffs are calculated for all users of the Ergon Energy distribution network for the 2010-15 regulatory control period.

Ergon Energy's Information Guide for Standard Control Services Pricing (PDF 1.0 mb).

The Information Guide for Alternative Control Services Pricing sets out the basis on which Alternative Control Services pricing is set and approved by the AER.

Ergon Energy's Information Guide for Alternative Control Services Pricing (PDF 853.1 kb).

Network Tariff Guide for Standard Control Services

The Network Tariff Guide for Standard Control Services 2014-15 (PDF 1.7 mb)  sets out how customers are assigned to tariff classes and the application rules and rates applicable for each network tariff in Ergon Energy's supply area in regional Queensland. Ergon Energy charges your retailer the network tariffs associated with supplying electricity to your premises.

For customers of Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd the Government-set retail prices shown on your electricity bill are inclusive of all network charges (or network tariffs) payable by you. Your electricity bill does not show the network tariff as a separate item.

For customers of other retailers, your market contract may be based on fully inclusive prices or your retailer may pass through Ergon Energy's network tariffs and show these charges separately on your electricity bill.  Check with your retailer on how they have calculated your market offer and how charges will appear on your new electricity bill.

Information on Network Tariff Codes and rates applying to site-specific tariffs are available on request by contacting Network Pricing at Information can be provided in the following circumstances:

  • The requestor is the customer, or an authorised person who is able to sign on behalf of the customer (e.g. Company Manager)
  • The requestor is the current Financially Responsible Market Participant and the request relates to a period of time for which they are responsible for the site
  • The customer's written consent has been provided using Ergon Energy's Authority to Release Information to Third Parties Form (PDF 22.0 kb).

Price List for Alternative Control Services

The Price List for Alternative Control Services 2014-2015 (PDF 758.8 kb) sets out the prices and product codes that apply in Ergon Energy's supply area in relation to Alternative Control Services.

Capital Contribution Methodology

Ergon Energy's Capital Contribution Policy of 20 April 2005 (PDF 187.2 kb) provides details of how Ergon Energy determines the capital contribution to be paid when a customer applies for a connection to the distribution network. The Capital Contribution Policy was approved by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) and continues in force under the AER.

Further information

We are happy to help if you have any general inquiries or want to know more about how network pricing affects you. Please call us on 13 74 66 (Mon to Fri, 7.00am - 6.30pm).


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