Network Capacity Map

About this map

The Network Capacity Map is an interactive geospatial map that has been developed to provide indicative information regarding our network.

Developers and investors may find the map useful when reviewing the location of future developments and infrastructure that they wish to connect to our network.

In order to maintain customer confidentiality some information will not be displayed. For instance, information on dedicated customer or customer owned substations will not be shown. The map will also not detail areas where the network information is not publicly available for various reasons. In these cases, it is best to contact us.

Zone substation
HV Network Area load remaining
> 1.0 MVA remaining
0.5 - 1.0 MVA remaining
< 0.5 MVA remaining
Data available on request


  • Data applies to the current year only. Data will be updated annually in line with the release of the Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR).
  • Some data layers may need to be enabled, or are only available at certain zoom levels. Please see Layer options