Right to Information and Information Privacy

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (EECL) is a Queensland Government Owned Corporation which operates commercially for and in the public interest.


In accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act), individuals have a right to apply for access to documents held by EECL and its wholly owned subsidiaries Ergon Energy Telecommunications Pty Ltd and Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd. In respect of Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd Schedule 2, Part 2, section 14 of the RTI Act restricts the application of the RTI Act only to documents that relate to the Community Service Obligations activities of this company.

Individuals also have the right to apply under the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) for access to and amendment of documents that contain their own personal information. Access to the documents under the RTI Act and IP Act is subject to certain exemptions/or factors that are contrary to the public interest.

Right to Information and Information Privacy Enquiries

Enquiries for making application for documents under Right to Information and Privacy legislation only should be directed to:

Ergon Energy
Right to Information & Privacy Officer
PO Box 264

Phone: 07 3851 6000
Fax: 07 3851 6610
Email: rti@ergon.com.au

Requested Information

Disclosure Log

The Disclosure Log provides access to documents disclosed by Ergon Energy through the Right to Information process by listing summary information such as title, date of release, description - including number of pages and description of the types of documents released. The Disclosure Log provides details of non-personal information released that is considered to be of significant interest to the wider public.

If you would like to access the documents described in the Disclosure Log (PDF 82.0 kb) please email us at rti@ergon.com.au. Alternatively, you can send a written request to the Right to Information & Privacy Officer.

Right to Information

Publication Scheme

In accordance with the Right to Information Act (Qld) 2009, Ergon Energy is committed to making accessible to the public the following Classes of Information that the agency has available.

Class of Information

About us

Organisational information
Contact information
Organisation structure (PDF 6.4 kb)
Meet our Directors

Our Management Team
Annual Reports

Our services

Notified prices for home
Notified prices for business
Notified prices for rural - home - business
Excluded Distribution Services Price List
Media releases

Our finances

Key company reports
Ergon Energy's Sustainable Procurement Policy (PDF 26.7 kb)
State Procurement Policy
Entertainment and Hospitality Policy (PDF 24.8 kb)
Entertainment Guidelines (PDF 48.8 kb)

Our priorities

Key company reports
Statement of Corporate Intent
Network information

Our decisions

Delegations of Powers (PDF 31.2 kb)

Our policies

Charters, policies and plans
Job vacancies

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