Mackay City substation exterior

Tennyson Street substation refurbishment

We're investing in the local electricity network to meet the increasing demand for electricity in the Mackay Central Business District (CBD). It will also provide businesses and residents in the surrounding area with a secure and reliable electricity supply.

The Tennyson Street Zone Substation and associated powerlines supply electricity to the Mackay CBD and eastern suburbs. These assets are facing operational and capacity constraints due to economic growth and aged equipment.

We've assessed the current and future electricity needs of the Mackay CBD and plan to upgrade this Substation and associated powerlines to meet the growing needs of the Mackay community.

This investment will benefit around 4,660 premises in central and eastern Mackay and support future economic growth in the city. The increased capacity of the Tennyson Street Substation will provide new options for restoring power during unplanned outages.

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