Electric vehicle dashboard that shows the Start button and the word Charging

Vehicle to grid EV connections

V2G stands for ‘vehicle to grid’ and is the overarching technology that enables electricity to be exported from the battery of an electric vehicle (EV) to a home, building or the electricity network.

Owners of a V2G-capable EV could use their vehicle as a ‘battery on wheels’. In different situations they could:

  • Capture their excess solar PV generation to use at night,
  • Charge their EV regularly when their electricity tariff rate is low and draw on that power when the tariff rate is high,
  • Charge somewhere else then bring that stored energy home, or
  • Draw on their EV’s stored energy when there’s a power outage to run their essential appliances.

Many will do all of these things and more.

Applications for V2G connections to our electricity network must be submitted by installers via our Electrical Partners Portal. Please refer to our Connection information for Installers web page for more information.

For more information on V2G, visit our Vehicle to grid web page.