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Major customer team

Our Major Customer Team is a support team dedicated to help you throughout the connection process.

After we receive your enquiry about a large business connection, we'll allocate you a Project Sponsor who will be your single point of contact right through the connection process. They'll maintain regular contact with you and do their best to ensure your needs are met.

Our team members maintain relationships with large business customers. They oversee ongoing contractual arrangements and drive business process improvement.

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Do you have a specific question about your major business electricity connection?

Load ≥ 1 MVA or high voltage (HV) generation connections

For questions relating to load ≥ 1 MVA or high voltage (HV) generation connections, please contact our Major Customer Team at

Low voltage (LV) generation connections over 30kVA

For questions relating to low voltage (LV) generation connections over 30kVA, please refer to our Larger systems over 30kVA web page, or contact our Solar and Renewables Team via email at

Alternatively, speak to our representative on 13 74 66.