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Partnering with us

Our community partnerships strive to deliver both measurable benefits to the community and commercial benefits to our business.

It’s really about creating shared value through the way we operate.

If this sounds like your project or event, read on. If you are a not-for-profit simply looking for a helping hand, don’t forget we also have our grants program.

Our assessment criteria

When we receive a sponsorship or partnership request we make an assessment against the following criteria.

We look at the benefit to the community

We’re looking for opportunities that support community identity or wellbeing. We also see alignment for us in initiatives that aim to stimulate local economic activity, or that bring innovations to life – new solutions to the challenges we face as a society.

We explore the potential value to us as a business

Any partnership we form should provide positive brand association or support our social license to operate in other ways. It may also help our employees engage with the community or help us promote our products and services, or provide other business benefits.

We make a value for money assessment

As we have limited funds and need to share them around our communities, we consider the exposure achievable from the investment requested, and the community or audience being targeted. We look for the opportunities to build our brand profile and to deliver key messages.

Lastly, we look at resources and timing

We need to understand the experience and the resources your organisation has to ensure a successful partnership, or if you need any specific support from us. And, sometimes, we have to consider what other commitments we have at the same time.

How to apply

To make sure we’re fair and transparent, we have clear internal policies and guidelines for considering partnership proposals. These are in line with the Queensland Government Sponsorship Policy.

Make sure you give us plenty of time to get involved. Minor partnership proposals need to be with us for consideration five or six weeks prior to the event or program. For major partnerships or events, we like proposals to be with us at least three months in advance.

We respond to all applications within four weeks. If your application is successful, we'll contact you to agree on the details of the sponsorship or partnership and to request a formal invoice.

For further information please email