Paddock with barbed wire fence

Land access protocol

Our Land Access Protocol has been developed to provide landholders and other stakeholders with clear information on our standards and commitments when accessing land to carry out our responsibilities as a Distribution Network Service Provider.

The Land Access Protocol applies to the accessing of land during the planning, investigation and acquisition phase of the development of a new substation or distribution lines above 66 kilovolts. It applies until easement conditions are in place with a landholder or the land is acquired.

The purpose of this Land Access Protocol is to:

  • Detail the standards and commitments that we and our representatives or contractors will adhere to when accessing land. This includes:
    • the Guiding Principles for Land Access which underpin our relationship with landholders and our access to and use of land; and
    • any additional property specific information, rules and entry conditions agreed between us and the landholders
  • Support open and transparent communication and understanding between us and landholders
  • Provide discussion prompts for collaboration during the engagement process between us and landholders
  • Fairly and equitably safeguard the interests of landholders whilst providing us with the access to land needed to meet our business requirements
  • Ensure consistency in our activities in relation to land access and the expectations set under the Queensland Government's Land Access Code.


We are committed to managing our obligations under the Biosecurity Act 2014 (the Act) and the biosecurity risk that our network activities may pose to primary producers and other stakeholders.

To meet our obligations under the Act, we have a range of measures integrated into our normal work procedures to help preserve our biodiversity, protecting our economy, environment and the community.

You can read more about these measures on our Biosecurity web page and Land Access Protocol Fact Sheet (PDF 1.2 mb).